10 Things About Moi


  • 1. Horrified to discover that my name had gone unisex.
    “You named your daughter PARKER?!”
  • 2. Beautiful, curly-haired wife of 17 years.
  • 3. Father of three very hungry boys. Need $$$ for food. Call me.
  • 4. Used to be a cat person until I got my first dog, loco Lab Lucy Luna.
  • 5. Fascinated by anything floating in a jar. Even pickles.
  • 6. Love art, music and literature. TV, not so much.
  • 7. When I blush, I’m darker than a plum.
  • 8. “The motto of…the mongoose family is run and find out.” Mine, too.
  • 9. Native of Savannah, Georgia, grew up in Chicago.
  • 10. Still shoot film and work in the darkroom, cause I’m a nerd like that.
  • 11. This list goes to eleven.