Lynn Cullen in ArtsATL

My portrait of novelist Lynn Cullen just popped up on  in a great review of Lynn’s latest novel Twain’s End. Also in the back of the book, if you buy it!  

Recent Dog Portrait

Here’s a new dog portrait I made and installed in a client’s loft in Midtown Atlanta, the lovely Jezebel.

Book cover for Victoria Stilwell

The editors at Ten Speed Press just sent me the final version of the cover of Victoria Stilwell’s book, which we photographed back in June.

Hello, It’s Me

Apologies for the extended absence from blogging. We have been working feverishly to finish our new website and blog, and, like so many things, it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated. The new site will provide a very comprehensive look at what we do in the studio, our location portraiture, dog portraiture, Sprout Club, family portraits, everything. The blog will also be a part of the website, rather than a separate entity, so it’s all good. In addition, we are completely reframing and updating all of our wall displays for the studio. I keep moving the furniture around, too, trying to get the perfect feng shui arrangement. Our electrician Larry is here today setting up all of the new lighting, and the phone is ringing off the hook with commercial projects, so we are moving at a hectic pace trying to keep up with everything. I put in about 12 hours a day, pretty much every day. Unfortunately, getting these various projects across the finish line always takes longer than I anticipate when I start 25 different things at once! See this post for a fuller explanation. One super swell project we hit last week was to photograph Ms. Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or The Dog” for all her new marketing pieces as well as her new line of Positively branded dog products, soon to be launched. I’ll post some of those images when I finish the retouching. You can see some of the endless bitz and pieces that go into a studio portrait. In the back is David, one of the four dog handlers who helped us manage all of the dog units for the shoot. Victoria’s dogs, Sadie and Jasmine, are real sweethearts. Jasmine likes to camp out on Sadie, and Sadie likes to be camped out on. So, until next time, dear reader! We’ll see you soon.