Rodeo Portraits featured in Cowboys and Indians magazine

Many thanks to Cowboys and Indians Magazine for featuring my Rodeo portraits in their latest issue (Feb/March 2016). These portraits were made all over the great state of Georgia from Perry up to Ringgold and many points between. It’s so gratifying to finally see some of this work in print, and writer Ellise Pierce certainly made me sound more thoughtful than is actually the case. Now, I need to get busy printing and scanning and updating the gallery with more images!

South by SouthEast Photo Magazine

Over at South by SouthEast Photo Magazine you can see a small selection of images from my Jubilee series. SXSE started just a few years ago and has become quite a terrific resource for photography around the South, offering great imagery from a wide variety of photographers, interviews with many photographers, designers and publishers, as well as workshops with some amazing artists such as Mark Steinmetz. Be sure to check them out.

An Analog Swan Song

At the beginning of the year Atlanta lost its last E6 lab, which was named (with great imagination) E-Six Lab. (If you don’t know, the E6 Process was the photographic means of processing a piece of transparency film, which is commonly referred to as a slide. I have many fond memories of the late 90s, working as a photo assistant, driving my craptastic 1974 Volvo 164E over to E-Six Lab and picking up gorgeous 8×10 chromes for a photographer who specialized in shooting bottles for Coca-Cola. He wasn’t a cheap skate, and lunch always fricking rocked, a not inconsiderable luxury when you’re a broke ass photo assistant. Note to current photo assistants: if the photographer makes you buy your own lunch, it’s time for a divorce.) Then, in April, Showcase Photo/Video closed their film processing and printing lab. They were, as far as I can tell, the final analog photography business to fall in Atlanta after a decade of change that has truly rocked the photography world. To give you some perspective on just how much has changed, and how quickly, we can rewind to 2003, just ten years ago when the first affordable digital cameras came along in the form of the Canon 10D (which hit the market on Feb 27, 2003) and the Nikon D100 (a few months earlier).

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review Recap

Over the past several weeks, I have been spending virtually every extra second of my days in the darkroom (see my Instagrams), printing my portfolio for the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review. Atlanta Celebrates Photography is an annual event that takes place every October, with exhibits, lectures, classes and more, all focused on the art of photography. This was my first foray in the world of photography portfolio reviews. Atlanta’s is a one day deal; some of the larger festivals across the country — New Orleans, Santa Fe, Houston — have reviews that last several days. The basic idea is that you present your work to a group of industry movers and shakers, and get their (hopefully positive) feedback. I was very fortunate to be able to meet and show my work to some very important people in the world of fine art photography, including Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography at the High Museum, photographers Chip Simone, Brian Ulrich, and Bill Schwab, as well as Kirsten Rian from Daylight, William Bolling from Fall Line Press, and David Bram of Fraction Magazine. These may not be household names to the average person, but they are all very highly regarded in the fine art photography community. I showed about 20 prints from my Jubilee series. The feedback was very positive; everyone loved my silver prints. It’s a rarity these days. (Tech note: a silver gelatin print is what you create in a traditional wet darkroom from black and white film. Out of the 50 photographers in attendance, I was one of only six who still shoot film, and one of only two who print on silver paper — the other four were film shooters who scan and output to either digital prints or alternative processes like platinum. Plus, there were a couple of tintypists in the house.) Click to enlargify The entire experience was a bit of a whirlwind, starting at 9 on Saturday and finishing around 9 that night, and after a follow up workshop on Sunday, I was completely wiped out. Of course, Monday morning arrived bright and early and I had to resume my previously scheduled life as Atlanta’s #1 photographer, father and husband. So, apologies if your emails went unanswered for a few days! That being said, we are headed off for four days on the lake in Highlands, NC. Got a cooler full of meat products, wine, and home made pimiento cheese!

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review

I’m very pleased to let everyone know that I’ve been selected as one of 50 photographers nationwide to participate in the 2012 Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review. I’ll be presenting my fine art photography project Jubilee. Lots of work to do, oh my!