Sriracha and Chai

We ran out of Sriracha and chai. #firstworldproblems — Parker Smith (@ParkerSmithFoto) January 18, 2014

Squirrel, Gone

As┬ápreviously noted, squirrels seem to have a death wish. They dart out in the road, do a little dance, and try to make you squash them flat. But my previous experience with the fuzzy tailed rodents could not prepare me for a spectacular act of squirrel suicide this past Saturday.We were traveling down LaVista road on the way to Till’s soccer game, when a crazed squirrel goes running towards the street. I saw him coming, and managed to slow down and swerve just before he leapt with geometric, kung-fu movie precision, his arc landing him at Point X on LaVista Road a nanosecond before my tire passed over it.Gone. Stupid squirrel. Totally ruined my morning.This is probably the sixth squirrel I’ve run over in my life. If you take that as the average, then multiply by the number of drivers on the road, it’s a miracle there are any squirrels left.Anyhow, here’s a funny picture of a squirrel drinking beer: