Spanakopita, and recent food action

We have been on a cooking tear lately: beef short ribs, Chinese chicken wraps, tons of BBQ (more on that later), oh so much.

Last Friday night, we entertained friends from Miami, so, playing to the crowd, I made a magnificent pot of sublimely smoky Cuban black beans with pork, Arroz con Pollo, and an avocado-mango salad that, were it the last food you ever tasted, would guarantee a happy deliverance from this mortal coil. (That was my Alexandre Dumas sentence du jour.)

The spanakopita above was similarly wonderful. How many times have you been to a Greek Restaurant (most of which have about as much relation with Greek food as Mars does with Jupiter) and had a soggy pile of spinach and phyllo that the chef had the nerve to call Spanakopita? Well, it can be an absolutely superb bite of buttery, crunchy phyllo, salty feta, and slightly bitter spinach with just a hint of mint. That’s what I’m talking about, dog!

The recipe was from America’s Test Kitchen 2011, Mediterranean Specials, which is available on Amazon Prime, or you can watch the video here. It takes a little time to put together, but it is oh, so worth it.