Paris, mon amour

Yesterday, Kristin flew off to Paris for five days with her cousin Merriah and a few other friends. When we were checking the chart for her seats, it said she was in business class! I was laughing that she’d have a tipsy, fifty-something businessman next to her, buying her drinks and attempting to schedule romantic ron-dez-vouses with her on the Champs-Élysées.Unfortunately, I was looking at wrong seating chart. She ended up with the little people in coach, next to a guy with bad breath who farted, repeatedly, in his sleep. You have to suffer if you want to see Paris.Meanwhile, I took the boys to Ikea where we found an Eiffel Tower of our own. Bitty Bear struck a fitting pose:Me and the boys for five days! As Nancy Reagan used to say: “Stop the Madness!”