Reunite Gondwanaland!

Back when I was studying geology at UGA, the geeky, inside-joke bumper sticker among the geodudes read “Reunite Gondwanaland!” accompanied by the de rigueur lefty power fist.
(This recent example sadly lacks the fist. Apparently the designers aren’t down with the struggle.)
If you don’t know, Gondwanaland was the southern supercontinent that included South America, Africa, Antartica and Australia. Given the bumper context, most people thought it was some esoteric leftist political movement which hadn’t quite reached the mainstream of Che shirts and Tibetan bumper stickers. You still see these occasionally, usually plastered across a freak-mobile and accompanied by a thousand other bumper stickers.
I started thinking about reuniting Gondwanaland when Walker discovered this tiny tectonic convergence in the parking lot at Stone Mountain.