Your dog is an important part of your family

At Parker Smith Portraits, one of our specialties is creating sensitive, truly meaningful photographs of your dog.

With his experience photographing hundreds of dogs, Parker understands dogs and knows how to work with them.
He can get in tune with each individual dog, and create a portrait that truly shows your dog’s unique personality. Parker creates emotional portraits that speak to you. When you look at your beautiful portraits hanging in your home, you will see an expression of your dog’s soul. 

Imagine being in your home, surrounded by custom artwork of your dog that is even more beautiful than you dreamed.

Imagine a Parker Smith Portrait – The Art of Your Heart

Timeless Classic Modern

We insist on quality without compromise.

We know you will enjoy the difference in our portraits:  beauty, excellence in design, and craftsmanship.

We are committed to creating the ultimate dog portraits.  That’s why all of our work has a 100% guarantee.

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