Families grow and change…a portrait is forever.

At Parker Smith Portraits, we create custom fine art family portraiture that tells your family story. We feel it is important to meet with you before your session and find out exactly what you are looking for, so your portraits are unique, emotional and meaningful to you.

There is no better way to celebrate the relationships you treasure and to tell the stories of those you love than with a family portrait.

Experienced artistry

We bring our experience as trained artists to each portrait – we understand how to paint with light, bring out personalities, to reveal the essence within. Portraits with exceptional lighting and sensitive, artistic posing make you look your best and convey the emotional bonds of family. Parker creates portraits that go beneath the surface and reveal the soul – people are so much more than just what they look like – we are all the accumulation of our life experiences, our relationships, our loves, our feelings.

Timeless Classic Modern

We insist on quality without compromise.

We know you will enjoy the difference in our portraits:  beauty, excellence in design, and craftsmanship.

We are committed to creating the ultimate family portrait.  That’s why all of our work has a 100% guarantee.

I feel blessed and thankful when I look at my portraits -Andrea

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