Do you have certain colors that you just don’t like, or would never wear?  Or would you wear one, but never decorate with it?  I’m that way with purple – I like to wear it (actually I look better in lavender), but I would never use it in decor.  I might use lilac in my living room if I had a big formal home in Buckhead, but I’ve got my sturdy ranch house, so purple just won’t work for me.

On the other hand, I really like yellow in decorating, but I never thought I could wear it – I’ve read that yellow is a tricky color to wear.  I tend to wear rich pastels like spring green, coral and blue, rather than intense colors.  However, I happened upon this J. Crew butter yellow top with white embroidery one day, and I thought it was really cute, and well, what the heck why not, so I got it!  I wore it to a neighborhood playdate one Friday afternoon, and I swear, every mom that came up said, “You look cute!”  It was so funny because every person said it, and after about the fifth person, we started laughing because everyone was saying how cute the top was.

I have never ever had that happen with any piece of clothing I own.  I guess yellow is my color, and I didn’t know it!  In my house, I tend to use yellow accents.  My living room has a yellow sofa and club chairs in a bold green, yellow and red check.  I’d love to paint the walls lighter (they are kind of a boring kraft paper color now) and add some bold yellow curtains like these:

yellow style at home[4]

(unable to find the original source for photo above).

{decor inspiration : grand simplicity, london}


Paper and Post

I got a special little package in the mail the other day.  It totally made me smile once I opened the mailing envelope – inside was the Paper & Post custom address stamp I won in a giveaway on This Photographer’s Life (this is a cute blog about the life of architectural photographer, Blayne Beacham).  I am so excited to win this stamp!


Paper & Post is owned by Brittany Hulsizer, who has an adorable design sense and amazing attention to detail.  She didn’t just stick my stamp in a manilla envelope and mail it to me.  She made getting my stamp an experience.  Inside the mailing envelope was a light red envelope and a linen pouch.  The envelope had my name on it in a cute font on the front, and was sealed with black and white polka dot washi tape.  Inside the envelope (lined with black and white chevron paper) was a lovely thank you note from Brittany, tips on using my stamp and a super cute business card.  Getting something in the “real” mail is so thrilling these days – we have become so used to doing everything online, which just isn’t as fun as getting a special package.







Ok – I just tried to stamp my blank 5×7 card and envelope, and I learned something.  It is not enough to just press the stamp into the pad and ink the paper.  After trying a few times, and getting an uneven stamp, I think I discovered a little technique for a good stamp.  Gently press your stamp into the ink pad and then rotate your stamp 180 degrees and press into the ink pad again.  Gently but firmly press your stamp onto the paper.  Do not wiggle or rotate or press too hard, and you will get a nice, clear impression.  Practice a few times before you make your finished product!


Beauty in the small moments in life…

I have a running joke with Parker that I look up and it’s Friday again.  Somedays I feel like I don’t know quite what I’ve accomplished that day, but I’ve been busy.  It’s mostly the things that everyone else is busy with, the everyday work that never ends:  laundry, dishes, dirt on the floor, making dinner, packing lunches – the everyday stuff.  I saw this video, and it made me tear up – it’s about the sweet everyday moments in life.  I think the message is that you may think that the everyday moments don’t make a difference, but those are the times that really matter to your children.  If you have a minute, it’s worth watching.

A little side trip…

My oldest son had a Technology Fair competition to attend in Macon this last weekend, so we decided to make it a little family trip.  We have driven past Macon on the way down to Savannah (Parker is from Savannah) a million times in the last decade or so, and I have always been curious about what Macon is like.  You can see a hilly graveyard and a few of the brick buildings from the highway, but I didn’t really know what would be there.  I kind of thought maybe it would be like Savannah on a smaller scale, and it is, sort of.  The thing about Macon that is so interesting is that it’s an old town, full of antebellum and early 19th century buildings.  Many of the oldest buildings in the little downtown are are in pristine condition, but the rest of the town is a little faded.  Macon apparently flourished during the cotton trading heyday, and was spared during Sherman’s march to the sea, which is nice, because in Atlanta we really don’t have any of these historic treasures.

Two things worth seeing if you are in the area are the the Hay House and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  The Hay House is an amazing mansion at the top of a hill full of elaborate plasterwork, original murals and faux marbling.  It was the home of one of the original inhabitants of Macon.  This house has some of the earliest in-home pluming, central air and a wine cellar cooled by natural breezes.  It is worth stopping by for a guided tour.  I had to post these photos here, because cameras were not allowed inside.







St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, is one of the most amazing churches (outside NYC or Europe) that I have ever seen.  The amount of detail  – the plasterwork, the carvings, murals, stained glass and gilding are awesome in the truest sense of the word.

St. Joseph's

St. Joseph’s

Winner winner chicken dinner!

The most difficult part of going paleo/primal with children has to be snacks and treats.  They get tired of celery and apples after having so many years of goldfish and cookies!  I’ve tried many paleo recipes I’ve found on pinterest, and most of them are a big, fat, fail.  I’ve found the most reliable sources for paleo/primal recipes are:  Nom Nom Paleo, PaleOMG and Elana’s Pantry.

Here are two delicious recipes that work every time:

Double layer fudge from PaleOMG (the first time I made it with paleo no-no peanut butter and it was delicious.  The next time I made it with almond butter, and it was equally yummy.  Just make sure your almond butter is salted – you need the salty to balance the sweet of the chocolate.

No-bake energy bars.  The first time I made these, I used dried blueberries instead of cherries, and they were awesome.  Parker requested that I make the next batch without chia, since he doesn’t like the texture.  My latest batch subbed chopped hazelnuts for the chia, and I used dried cherries.  I regret having even one little taste of this version, because I am finding it hard to restrain myself from eating it!  Tip – make sure you grease the wax paper with coconut oil before you press in the bars.

Here’s another win:  I made my kind bar hack this week with dried apples and toasted walnuts (omit the chocolate) – double yum!  The boys loved it and Parker couldn’t stop eating it!  It is very easy to make variations on this recipe – next I’m going to make a southern pecan version!


All of these recipes are very easy to make, and even easier to eat.  Hope you enjoy!